Maisie Dobbs by Jacqueline Winspear


I enjoyed this  book.  It was a cozy and comfortable read after reading so many thriller books.  I was ready for a true mystery and the time period of the 1920’s was perfect.  The overall writing and story line was well written it is probably because I’m used to reading thrillers that I missed the in depth characterization in this book.  I really wish that Maisie’s life went a little more in detail as well as the scenery and the country as well as the city life.
The premise of the story (outline) was great and I wish there had been more to the retreat than we learned or more about the leader.
I gave this book a 4 star even though I wanted more. It was because it was such a nice, even keeled read for me.  I would like to get to know Maisie better though.

New Year, New Me

Do you make New Year’s resolutions? I used to but was only disappointed when things fell through because I over burdened myself. I’ve been a planner for many years but I’m not very imaginative when it comes to making up planner pages. However, I have fo a plan.  I am going to make a monthly goal to complete my yearly goal, not very original but it might just work. I’m already behind UGH.

I’m still working on the cross stitch pieces that I mentioned 4 months ago.  Wow I’m a little inconsistent don’t you think. That’s another thing I am working on this year.  Consistency.  Maybe I should just tell you the sum of the things I regularly do in life, you’ll probably say that it’s way too much but I had a friend recently that confirmed my worse life long fear….. I’m OC.  Obsessive Compulsive is not what I wanted to be, I’d rather be a laid back kind of girl.  BUT alas, I have to constantly be busy. so here are the things I do:

Work at a church as an Administrative Assistant and Bookkeeper

Live with a husband, grown daughter and grandson

Read (A lot)

Cross Stitch

Journal, Plan

Bible Study (Using, and Angela Marks verse mapping study)

Scrapbook (even though I haven’t done this in 2 years, I think about it ALOT)






Cross Stitch and Fall

I took out my last cross stitch piece and have the thread and pieces separated and put in place so I can start stitching on it again since fall is on the way.

It’s a hot summer in Alabama and I look forward with anticipation to fall days when it’s cool enough outside for sweaters and fleece blankets, wrapped up on the porch with a hot coffee. I’m not a huge fan of cold weather but we usually don’t have to worry about that. It’s sometimes comforting to think about what lies ahead, a certain season, a certain event or a place where one can be at peace.  I’ve been at the unrest with wavering peace for awhile, but I can see a change on the horizon. I’m not sure I’ve written about my journey but maybe someday. I am a breast cancer survivor, so far, but our days are not in our hands but the hands of our Creator. Sounds morbid huh? Not really, a terminal illness or a chronic condition (which I also have) just helps one realize that there are surely blessings even in our chaotic world and I am one that is blessed beyond measure. Count the little things. My 2 year old grandson lives with us and he is the sweetest little blessing. I have six more just like him but they vary in ages from 11 years to 5 months.  They keep this Gigi busy.

Anyway, back to cross stitch and fall weather.  I am currently stitching a piece by Kim Norliens. The piece is Aurora Cabin and I can’t wait to finish it. If I could see a little better I might be finished, and I can’t remember the name of the fabric I’m stitching on but I do know it’s  25 count over 2 threads. I will post a picture below of the pattern and will post pictures of my progress when I’m able to download them.  It hasn’t been hard even though there are  1/2 stitches in it.  Our first college hometown game is on this weekend and we take our team seriously. I’ll be sitting front row when it comes on T.V. as I like that version better than sitting in a hot football stadium with all that noise going on.  I will also be stitching. I’m not sure about you, but when I work on something while watching T.V. or listening to music I can look at the finished piece anytime and recall what I was watching or listening to while working on completing it.

I think I have bored you enough for one sitting.  Still reading but have a new book. I’ve finished one since Livia Lone. I’ll review it later.

Have a great day and ROLL TIDE!





Review of Livia Lone by Barry Eisler

It took me about three days to read this book because of a heavy work schedule. I had serious doubts about getting through a fictional book on human trafficking by an author I had never read. I’m glad I did. I could’ve done without the cussing so much but I guess in that world it can’t be helped. I like the book, see my review below.

Product Details

Human trafficking is an interest of mine. Four yeas ago I learned a little of the sex trade trafficking in Thailand and it just infuriates me on the degradation of a human life. I didn’t know if I could get through this book especially if it had vivid descriptions of tortured children so thank you for sparing me much of that. I like the writing style of then and now. I wish we learned a little more about the home life of the girls before they were taken. The first part of the book seemed to  jump into the issue with nothing leading up to the  reasoning for the girls to be taken except the brief scene of the parents arguing the once but the middle to the end of the book rocketed me with surprises about the martial arts and how she was able to use them. I also liked the way she figured out things and put the pieces together about finding her sister, I didn’t figure out until the end how it would turn out, which I like in a book. I really enjoyed this book and can’t wait to read more of  Mr. Eisler’s books

I liked it, and that’s

Just Me



Reading and Ramblings

I love to read. I’ve been reading since I was old enough to know what a book was.

  Sorry the picture is so big but I can’t resize it in this tablet. This is one of my current reads and it is over 600 pages.

It’s the fictional story of King David. I am almost to the end but I have truly enjoyed this book. Ms. Brookes does a fantastic job of describing the rise of a boy to the throne of a king. She skips over the boyhood shepherd and picks up as Samuel is looking for the anointed to be the new king of Israel and Judah. The novel is an easy read. It certainly entertains without being boring, however, I wish there was more research done on he historical sites that are talked about and more character development. I’m going to stop there until I finish. I might have to retract.

The other book I’m reading is The Girls by Emma Cline. Nothing to talk about yet with that one.

I’ve been watching several book reviewers on YouTube and am amazed at the number of books they get read in a month. One of my favorites is Steve Dorough this is one of his videos if you’re interested. He’s a funny guy sometimes and smiles all the time. He lives in Boston and I believe he reviews books and literature for a living. I’m just wondering 1. Where does he find all of those books he reads and 2. How does he receive, read and review so many ARC’s. Amazing. Another person  I like to watch is Jen Campbell.

Do you read popular authors and best sellers or do you read new and up and coming authors? I think ‘m going to start reading mire the new authors. I am on several list to receive free and discount Books from Amazon and Barnes and Noble. I could lost tnem here if you’re interested. Goodnight…






Just Me…

Just me, welcoming you to my little corner of the world. I live in Alabama and about now we are experiencing some weird weather. Freezing cold one day, tropical the next. Today was a spring feeling day so life is good.

I’m excited to have a place to meet new friends and share my interest with you. I have many hobbies so I hope you might like some of the same things I do and we can share ideas.

This year has been great so far, only a couple of cold 20° days. On these days I like to curl up in my large recliner with something hot to drink  and a good book. I prefer thrillers/mysteries but most anything will do. I just finished Orphan Train by  Christina Baker Kline today. It was a good book and I really enjoyed it. I started another last week, The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins and am almost finished with it as well. Today I picked up House of Thieves by Charles Balfoure. The first six page have been good. That’s as far as I am tonight.

               Product DetailsProduct Details

(book covers courtesy of Amazon)

What are your interest? Next time maybe we will talk about journaling, its  a favorite of mine.




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